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HQ Address: MIG-2, KHB colony, Suryanagara phase-1, Chandapura, Bengaluru-560099, Karnataka, India.

Phone number(mobile): +91-8454939936

But wait, for any independent or freelance consultation or webinar, we also offer customized consultation services !

There are 3 kinds of consultation sessions we offer:

  1. One-on-One discussion: I offer  on Sustainable Living for individuals interested in starting a new journey on Low waste & Sustainable lifestyle.
    >>Rs.500 (per person)
  2. Speaking on Sustainability: I offer guidance & counsel if you're a brand that wants to understand transparent and honest product marketing to a conscious consumer to help you prevent greenwashing.  
    We can also help you with how to present on topics of sustainability for an effective communication with your audience.
    >>Rs.1000 (Per session)
  3. Group Seminar sessions: I conduct both offline and online seminars on understanding circular economy such that participants are left with the skill to brainstorm zerowaste solutions in their lifestyle & work, without the need to follow a "sustainability checklist".
    >>Rs.5000 (Per group session)

Drop an enquiry for consultation on our email ID: 

And we will reach out to you to discuss further details. 

Looking forward to helping you make better choices for yourself & your community!