DailyDump Gobble Senior
DailyDump Gobble Senior
DailyDump Gobble Senior
DailyDump Gobble Senior

DailyDump Gobble Senior

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    • Dimentions = 310 mm dia x 1055 mm height
    • Family of 4 to 5 = 1 Gobble Senior
    • 1 kg waste/day = 1 Gobble Senior
    • Additional product you might need = 1 Chomp
    • Ideal for apartments, tight spaces, lighter to lift each unit

The 4 tier Gobble Senior composter is light to lift and shift. Suitable for a family of 4 to 5, it can handle 1 kg of waste per day. Fits into tight spaces, you can tuck it in the corner of your terrace, garden or balcony. Layer your kitchen waste with Remix Powder daily for smell free and fool proof composting. You do not need to stir daily if you are using Remix Powder. Comes with an instruction sheet on how to use.

Wipe the water that condenses on the underside of the lid to avoid flies. Wipe off any tiny eggs that are laid on the inside of the lid or the units. Using the correct amount of Remix Powder ensures that you have smell free composting.

Comes with a pair of gloves and 2 Kg of Remix to begin composting as soon as you open the box!

Each Gobble Senior unit is of 20 kgs capacity. Patterns on the product may vary from that shown in the photograph

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