Giftgreen Coir Vessel Scrubber
Giftgreen Coir Vessel Scrubber
Gift Green

Giftgreen Coir Vessel Scrubber

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This scrubber is one of the coolest ways to utilize waste coconut coir from coconut shells. Plastic scrubbers break into smaller pieces creating micro-plastics which end up into water bodies harming aquatic life.

  • It might not last as long as your plastic scrubbers but your plastic scrubbers stay in the environment for eternity.
  • Size :
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Sold in packs of  :  2 scrubbers / 6 scrubbers  / 12 scrubbers
  • Coconut coir gives a rough texture which makes it perfect for scrubbing our vessels.
  • Coconut coir or fiber is usually discarded, but converting them into something useful is beneficial for us and our environment.
  • The sides are stitched to give the scrubber more durability.
  • Once you finish using it, it can be composted at home.

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