HappyGarden Potting Mix - General Purpose
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HappyGarden Potting Mix - General Purpose

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Soil-less potting mix for garden plants made of processed cocopeat, cocohusk chips, vermicompost, coir microfiber & essential plant nutrients

  • Ready with necessary nutrients & properties. No need to mix soil/ sand /stones etc
  • Suitable for vegetables, fruits, indoor plants, foliage plants & most flowering plants
  • Perfect balance between water & air holding
  • Rapid root development & robust plant growth
  • Saves water
  • Free of diseases & germs
  • Light weight & easy to handle
  • Clean & odourless
  • Natural & sustainable material
  • No frequent re-potting required. Can be reused
  • Available in 2Kg & 4Kg compressed blocks 
  • 2Kg block on adding water expands to about 20 liters of ready to use cocohusk chips and 4Kg block to 40 liters of cocohusk chips. Usage instructions available inside box.
  • Plastic free packaging in carton boxes

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