Ullisu - Gida Natural Watercolor Paints - 5 shades

Ullisu - Gida Natural Watercolor Paints - 5 shades

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Handmade | Non-toxic | Eco-friendly


Always store the paints in a dry place

After each usage, let dry the paints completely before storing it back 


You may see some cracks or pits in the paints but that's completely normal and perfect for usage. Clay by nature always has interesting cracks on it and so are these colors made from clay. 


Activate the colors using water and let your creative juices flow!

It is recommended to use good quality watercolor paper (min 150gsm or more). 

How are these paints made? 

Firstly, each pigment is consciously foraged / naturally grown in different regions of South India.

Processed into fine pigments using various methods. 

Hand mulled with a border for hours untill it has proper consistency and lovingly poured into mini mud pots.

Don't forget to tag @ullisu.store when you make any artwork using these and posting on Instagram! Drop your reviews to help more people try these rare products!

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